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We have moved to a new & expanded facility in New Jersey. Please update our contact info:
1 West Forest Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631, USA; Phone: (201) 408-5596: Fax: (201) 408-5797

MEMS and Biochips

We provide enabling surface coating technologies to biochip and MEMS industries.

For biochips, we supply: (1) the ZeroBkg® series of surfaces for the immobilization of proteins, peptides, antibodies, glycans, and other biomolecules; & (2) the FluidArray air-stable cell membrane mimicking surfaces .

For the MEMS market, we supply robust and low energy surface coatings to eliminate two major problems in MEMS products: Stiction and Drift.

MEMS coatings

surface plasmon resonance


single molecule spectroscopy

MSI's Business

  • Coated surfaces: ZeroBkg® PEG brush surfaces on glass coverslips, slides, and other materials with a variety of chemical functionalities.
  • Integrated product solutions: For early stages customers, we provide surface coating related services, including consulting, sampling, contract research, and joint R&D.

  • Customer coating services: You send us unfinished products and we apply critical chemical coatings in our clean rooms.

  • Licensing technologies: We will license coating technology to customers and assist in implementing the technology.

1 West Forest Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631, USA
Phone: (201) 408-5596: Fax: (201) 408-5797; E-mail: